Sometimes, your mind might be blank or unable to focus on one idea. Going for a run helps, but getting out of the studio is the best. It may be that you need a fieldtrip to wherever it seems the most interesting.  A little planning goes a long way for a trip into to the city at the museum or gardens. Definitely lunch out.  It’s surprising how the time away from the studio really does recharge your creativity.

I’ve added some  of the field trip pictures we took from  this last year. They include The Library of Congess, the Newsuem,  Nat’l Gallery of Art, the Renwick and  Phillips Collection Museums. Even the Capitol!  Because we’re so close to Washington DC pointing the finger in any direction will lead you to an interesting starting place. I’m sure you’ll find a fascinating place in your own area. Even the local and state parks offer a fresh perspective from your workplace. One of the best field trips to date, for us, was spent at the National Portrait Gallery, grabbing a late lunch nearby at a  Mexican restaurant,  where the food was first rate.Then heading over to Blues Alley jazz club, in Georgetown, we were able to squeeze in and grab a seat to watch a friend play exceptional jazz piano. A field trip not forgotten too soon!

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